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Not my first time shooting it, but wanted to share my range session with the forum.

Went to my usual indoor range Sun. afternoon with some stuff in mind instead of just practicing for accuracy and staying on target with multiple shots. Shot from 4 yards to 15 yards (50' max at that range) and a few distances between and was fairly pleased with my accuracy considering I haven't been shooting much lately.

Had a fun session but what I really enjoyed today was using the stock XD belt holster and doing some draw/shoot drills AND being pretty accurate with the shots. I'm taking a CCW class soon and want to start building skills for self-defensive shooting now, weeks before I get my permit.

Went thru 150 rounds, would like to have done another 50 but I had something else to do afterward, so I had to get going.

No target pix to share. I tossed the targets after my session, as usual. Like I said, I think I did OK but it was nothing to brag about. I will say I was very happy with a few of my 15 yard shots hitting the bullseye and within a few inches of it - but of course those were aimed, one-at-a-time shots, so take it FWIW.

BTW, shot a 50-round box of Blazer aluminum casing ammo today. Cost was $9 at a different range. Two thoughts: 1. It worked well, just like everything else I've put thru my XD. 2. I loaded one mag with that and one with regular brass target ammo, then hefted both one after the other. The aluminum stuff was definitely lighter, even w/only 10 rounds in each mag. I will check out aluminum carry-grade ammo for the future - esp. if I end up carrying something like a Sig P239 w/an alloy frame - to cut down on total firearm weight.
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