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Picked up my new XD-45 Tactical today - purchased from Bubbaman who is great to deal with! I ran through two boxes each of Federal 185 grain TMJ and Winchester 230 grain TMJ. I found these rather $$ from Sportsmans Warehouse - I'll be reloading the GAP for sure!

The XD-45 is a joy to shoot - the lighter feds were definitely snappier than the 230's. All ammunition fed smoothly with no malfs of any kind. The trigger break is very smooth compared to the other striker-fired pistols I've shot - including the Glock 34, XD-9 Service, and even XD-9 Tactical. The unanticipated light pull caused me to push some shots right but I did get used to it.

The two nine-shot mags which came with the XD-45 were not easily loaded to capacity but I suppose this will improve with time.

I was pleased with the accuracy of this handgun, which produced some 2-inch five shot groups at 25 yards. I have a feeling that the right handloads, maybe with some 200 grain bullets, would provide excellent results. This handgun is well-balanced in Tactical form and allowed quick reacquisition of the target during rapid fire, even with the snappy 185 grain feds. If ever decide to shoot Major in ISPC, think I'll use the XD instead of my 220ST.

BTW, the XD-45 cleans up well.

If you are considering buying the XD-45 Tactical, I think you'll be pleased with it!
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