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Until the other day I had never fired a .45, so I had no idea what to expect. While it was overall a joy to shoot, I realized--I'm going to need a LOT of practice. I was not used to the recoil of the 45, which I have to say was not too bad. I used 230gr. Winchester FMJ ammo for the range, and while I am not exactly pleased with the results--I'm not totally unhappy either, given that this was the first time I have fired a 45. All of my shots were within the target, with 4 rounds penetrating the target one on top of the other widening both entrance holes, with my last round hitting center of target. I'm not pleased, but at the same time not totally unhappy. The trigger pull was not as bad as I had expected--I had been told by some people over the years that the trigger on the .45 would be difficult to pull--mine was nice, easy, and smooth at I think 5.5lbs

I have to admit--I failed to take earplugs to the range, and I had a preconceived idea that the sound of a .45 firing would not be that loud, but when I pulled the trigger on the range for the first time, my ears rung....is this normally the result or the result of the ammo I used, or can the blast of sound be reduced with a lower grain ammo? Surely the military which uses the 45 does not issue the troops earplugs just to shoot? Or perhaps I am wrong? As I said--this was my first time with a .45, so maybe I had too many preconceived ideas?

Ammo: 230gr. Winchester FMJ commercial ammo bought at local gun store.
distance approx. 8 yds.
Temp. about 53 with little wind.
firearm: XD .45 4' with 13rd magazines.
target: pistol targets which you can buy at any walmart.

overall it was a very enjoyable experience to take the firearm to the range for the first time, and look forward to doing so again and again. I intend on keeping my targets and trying to chart my progress to see how I do and compare ammo to see which works best.

comments, suggestions? Recoil opinions, ammo opinions? opinions on earplugs, and how people cope without them when shooting? As I said--first experience, so maybe I was expecting too much...
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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