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So how bad was my shooting?

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XD 45 GAP experience

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I decided to bail out early today and head for the range. When I got to the range, a member I knew just got a XD 45 Tactical and was shooting it. He offered me 9 rounds and I took the chance.

I have to admit I was not that fond of Springfield going for 45GAP instead of ACP. To me the round was an answer to question no one asked. My first impression was that this reduction in size is not much different. Maybe because I didn't have a 45ACP with me, but size didn't seem to differ that much.

On the first trigger pull, I felt the recoil of a 45. It wasn't a sharp flip like a 9mm/40sw/357sig, but more of that good old 'oomph' you get from a 45ACP.

Accuracywise it was excellent, had I been a better shooter. But due to my shortcomings the potental of the gun seems to have been unutilized. With 5 inch barrel the balance of the handgun was great, and did not feel any more heavier than other caliber models.(this part is a bit subjective)

In conclusion, the gun is a good one, and Springfield might have done themselves a good business decision. With a little bit of promotion for the .45GAP rounds, XD 45 can be a very good contender for the round and the market.

from 7 yards.
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I have nothing but good things to say about the 45gap. To show how cool the gap is I take a 10 round 9mm mag and load in a couple of the 45gaps then let the person shoot it. What other gun can you take a round that fat put it literally in a 9mm platform and have it still function properly.
my brother jusy bought a new
G-38 in G.A.P yesterday. I'll let you guys know how it goes. If it goes good , then i may get the XD-45 .
Acquired a 45 GAP Tactical Wed and shot 100 rounds each of Fed 185 grn TMJ and WIn 230 grn TMJ at 25 yards. 230 grn were very comfortable and smooth, 185 much snappier, but easily managed. No problems with either load; however, I think the GAP is at its best with lighter bullets and I look forward to reloading some 200 grain TMJ's. I just may use the XD if I ever shoot major in ISPC, instead of my 220ST. I'm still trying to sort through the information and advice about reloading this cartridge.
I just shot off my first 100 rounds from my 45 Tac. Very impressed with it. It will be replacing my .40 service. Some people who are 45 ACP fans feel threatened by the GAP. I don't know why because I dont believe this cartridge was meant to replace the 45 acp but to replace the 40 S&W. The .40 fans should feel threatend not the ACP fans.
To judge your shooting we need to know how rapidly you were firing.

7 yards, offhand, taking plenty of time to aim well? Average shooting.

One second per shot? Not bad.

Less than 5 seconds for all shots? WOW. I wish I could shoot like that! (Oh wait, on a good day I can!)

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