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XD 40 tactical??

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Let me start saying that I own two XD9's (service, sub) before I get any flack, been trying to find a Tactocal 9mm but no luck there so my dealer has two 40's , not big fan of the 40 but with this long slide might be diferent, how accurate is this gun?, what kind of groups do you get?
I get better groups with my Sig secong Glock and for some reason the XD's are decent but not great!!!
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I've got a 40 Tactical which I love to shoot - the longer slide is quite helpful and for me it's very accurate. I put a heavier spring in it, but even with the stock spring, recoil is no big deal. Check out www.pdhsc.com - they are near me and last week they had 2 Tac 40's and a Tac 9, all black. Their prices are reasonable and they're great to work with.
I have two service XD9s, one blue with nite sites, one stainless. Both shoot very well with 5 shots inside 3" at 25 yards from a rest. I had an XD40 Tactical, and it shot comparable with the standard XD9s. Since I prefer 9mm for most purposes, I traded the 40 Tactical for 9 Tactical. The 9 Tactical doesn't shoot nearly as well with groups about 50% larger than the standard sized guns. Also, the 9 Tactical prints about 3" above the XD9 standard groups. Don't know why it shoots so poorly.

I plan to trade the 9 Tactical for another 40 Tactical, then add a BarSto conversion barrel to make it into a 9mm. I've read good things about these conversion barrels here on the forum.

Just my experience FWIW.
i was lucky enough to get a 9MM tactical in 2003. and i never looked back!
Obviously there is the added velocity of the longer barrel and the longer sight radius helps too. I have both of the XDs listed below. The simple truth is, "If you are good, the XDs are good. If you are bad then then XDs are bad".
I believe the XDs are excellent pistols and are only as good as you can make them.
I wouldn't mind a sub XD-9 one day. :D

Have fun, shoot safe.
Tacticals at my local gunshop were a long time coming, but now they have two Tac 9's (one is ported). They had a Tac 40 that was snatched up pretty quick.
Ported Tactical!? WowWee :shock: Springfield Armory has answered my request. No listing of a Ported Tactical on their website. How much is it?
Sorry Hoboman, I haven't been back since I first saw the Tacs there. Now that you question me, it may have been a Service Model that was ported. I do remember seeing the V-10 on the label and I thought it was a Tac, but I was caught up in looking through the glass at the porting holes. I may be wrong. :oops:
DRATS! Thats OK, you were off by an inch :lol:
anyone know where I could get a spare slide/bbl assy for a tac?

springfield won't sell me one.

I wanted to make my own "VTAC" gun to make hearts race and glockers quiver in it's presence. :)

I have a tool n die shop at my disposal w/ all the right equipment to make the modifications. Who knows, if I make it right, maybe you guys would pay me to modify your slides/barrels too. :)
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