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Hi All!
I have owned an XD-40 sub com for a long time now, its my cc gun and I really enjoy it. Its not my Colt 1911 Gold Cup, but its a great gun. Now what do I do to upgrade/customize/enhance it?

Ive done a lot of searching for 9mm conversions... no luck.... and pre cut grip tape, differing sites, pinky magazine ends, custom coloring to the logos etc. and I was hoping that we could get an all encompassing thread that gave everyone's top upgrades for a stock XD40 SC, and I hope to keep it for a XD40 SC but im sure it will waver a bit...

Here's what I (and hopefully others) would like to see.
-List your top 5
-List links to the item (not just your fav. web site that doesn't have it)
-Drop a pic of your gun, if you can, we all want to see the upgrades
-Give a few reasons why you chose each of the 5
-and maybe some things you found while researching them so we can get some pro/con facts.

Thanks in advance!
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