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The time has come for me to part ways with my XD-40 sub-compact.

Selling with 3 x 12-round extended mags (pic only shows 2) and 2 x 9-round flush-fit mags (both with Pearce grips installed). To help get you started, I'm including snap-caps, 2 (20 round) boxes of Hornady Zombie-Max hollow points, 2 x 50 round Winchester White Boxes, 1 x 50 round box of Federal Range and Target, and 1 x 100 round box of Federal FMJs. I'm also throwing in a Blackhawk OWB leather holster for good measure.

Fort Worth, TX


FTF Only. I'm not interested in dealing with shipping. That said, I am willing to drive a reasonable distance and meet someone halfway. How far is reasonable? Ask me.

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