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XD 40 Sights

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After growing up plinking with a .22 pistol the XD 40 is the first real pistol I have owned. I have put about 1000 rounds thru it since I purchased it around the end of October.

It seems to me that the front sight on the XD 40 is overly large and obscures a shooters vision some. Does anyone else have this problem?
Am I just being overly picky? Most of my shooting experince for the last 20 years has been with hunting rifles. Maybe Im just spoiled by using good scopes :twisted:

Anyone have recomendations for a good front sight that isnt quite so large?

Colorado XD
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Are you using the 6 oclock site picture as suggested by SA. where the target is sited just above the front site or are you trying to place the target under the front site.(I'm assuming that you have stock 3 dots.)

You really can't compare the XD to any scoped rifle. I'm pretty good with my 22 and 17 HMR rifles but the XD takes a lot of practice. I find myself screwing up sometimes to. I've got TFOs on my servive and Heinie strait 8s on my sub which are really both nice. I think the TFOs are a little smaller (at least it seems that way). Heinies are easier to acquire the target for me because of my Bi-focals.

Just try placing that bulseye just above the front site after the 3 dots are line up. You might also try a pistol rest to see if the sites are dead on.
Enough rambling

Rikoshey :twisted:
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