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New to XD's, my first is on the way to me as we speak (XD 40 Tactical), wanted to get some comments on the following, taken from the CanadianGunnutz forum:

I have run a couple on the range for pretty close to a year now. I have been fairly impressed with them in general and they outlasted all the Glocks I've ever had in use. HOWEVER - earlier this week I broke the locking insert on one. I called FN Sports to order the part. They told me my warranty had expired ( I bought the gun from them and did not put it on the range immediately), and that SA would not provide parts for sale. Not believing this I called SA directly today. Guess what? They will not sell parts for XD pistols!! If the part is not covered by warranty they will not sell you a replacement. If your gun breaks after one year, you end up with an expensive paperweight. A surprising answer from a reputable company

Here is the link to the thread:
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