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xd 40 frame

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Ok you can call me paranoid, crazy, over observative etc.. but I got back from shooting and after looking over my XD40 I notice if I tilt the gun to the side a bit I can look at the side of it in the center of the gun, right in between the disassembly and slide release levers, i can see right through the slide and frame.. I checked out my buddys beretta and couldnt do this, almost as if the slide is bent upward in the center.. didnt seem to affect the shooting at all but is this normal?
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i think this is nothing to worry about. my USP's are veritable wind tunnels. you can look left to right, or front to back...still see light.
my xd9 tac is the same. but its the slide doing a slight rainbow effect on both sides. more shooting less fondling :twisted:
however, should it ever look like this there might be a slight chance something is wrong.

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yep...something wrong? you own(ED) a glock. :-D J/K!!!

on a side note...how old is that particular glock?
im not really sure, i know it is a gen 2 glock. i snatched it off the web.

got it from this site, before reading this site alot of glock owners said this guy was just a glock hater, but after reading most all of his site i dont think he is, rather just looking for truth.

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