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WWB 147gr - where to find?

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I'm looking EVERWHERE for this stuff. I normally order from CTD but they're out of stock, Midway has about 5 boxes, Natchez is out of stock as well. Ammoman doesn't carry it.

Where else do you guys order ammo from that is both reputable and not insane on shipping prices?

I need ammo asap as I've got two matches at 6 stages a piece in the next two weeks.

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Most of the Walmarts are here are selling 147gr FMJs but you can get it online quite a bit cheaper, almost $2/box over Wallyworld's price! :(

Border's doesn't sell 147s, just 115 (overpriced at that!)

Thanks for the info RonnieJ.

My gun tends to like 147s best. 115s are just iffy for me. Much more of this and I'm just going to get a press and start loading my own.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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