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Comes with the standard kit, plus three 7 round mags. Looking for Glocks in 9mm, XDS 9, Shield 9 no safety, cz 75, Jericho pistol or clone (like tristar t-120) or canik tp-9. Also willing to trade for rifles. 10/22 takedown, 5.56, .308, etc. will also consider gen 2 Glocks in other calibers.

Post recall. Trigger is better than most post recall XDSs I've handled. I sent it back to SA a second time because I did not like the post recall trigger the first time. Pearce grip extension and Powder River Rubberized grip. 500-750 rounds max. I do not recall a single malfunction. Handles 7 round mags perfectly.

I will include mcnett double tap 185 grain JHP. About half the box (currently in mags).

I'm in the Federal Way area. Willing to meet between Lakewood and Tukwila.

BOS for my records and CPL, WAC, etc.

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