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I'm looking to trade a Glock 17 Gen 4, with exactly 100-rounds of WWB through it, for a NIB XD9. Black, OD or DE XD9.

Here is the history of the Glock:

I cleaned the gun and EEZOX'd it, putting it in storage for months, then oiled it, took it to the range last Saturday, 9/10/11, and sent 100-rounds through it. Returned home, cleaned, EEZOX'd and oiled, then put back in the safe.

I don't think the Glock is for me. No real reason, I just feel better with an XD in my hand. Personal preference. No marks on it. Case, three 17-round mags, speed loader, and all normal items, included. I am the original owner.

Please contact me if interested. FTF SW Ohio (South Dayton Area)
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