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The upper is unused. It's either Spikes or PSA. I bought it but decided I don't need a 4th AR. The lower is an LRB with a Magpul trigger guard that I picked up I trade and used for testing while waiting on my SBR stamp. I put maybe 50 rounds through it and the guy I got it from was still saving up money for his upper so it was new ... almost.

Bubba had decided to install a Mappul trigger guard but I guess didn't know or forgot the front pin screwed in so it's a little bubba'd. To get it out it would need to be drilled out. Not a big deal if you aren't going to remove the trigger guard because it's on there but it will need to be drilled out if you change the trigger guard. Added a pic so you can see the handywork. Doesn't affect the function and it's just a minor cosmetic thing.

Looking for a good 5" 1911 in 9mm for the wife so I'd prefer to add some cash for a trade. I also have a Dillon Terminator scale that I've posted that can be part of the deal as well. The only other things I really need are reloading supplies (primers, powder - Varget, 231, or 230gr bullets).

Ping me if interested. SOLD!!

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