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WTS/WTT NIB Romanian WASR 10 AK47 (IN)

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Want to Sell/Trade
Romanian WASR 10 - AK47
New in box/unfired - I'm the original owner
7.62x39 - Fixed Stock/Wood Furniture
1 30rd Magazine - Leather Sling
Sights are good to go, trigger felt good on dry fire
Box, Manual, Cleaning Kit Included

$570 FTF in NW IN

Trade Interests Include:
HK P2000sk .40/357 Magazines
HK USP 45 Magazines
Mossberg 590a1 - 18.5" barrel

**Maybe something else, send a private message for trade offers/questions**
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Man, you're getting rid of some really cool stuff lately. I hope it's in order to fund even cooler stuff. It's getting tempting to hop over to IN.
Not interested in a different romy -

Funding a hk bug ;)
How close are you to the Ohio border?
how close are you to the ohio border?
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