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I am wanting to sell or trade the below parts that I no longer have a need for. All prices include shipping. United States only, please. I can take discreet Paypal (no gun terms, sent as a 'gift') or USPS money order. E-mail works best. drchil02 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

I'm interested in the following items as trades:
Daniel Defense fixed front sight
Black or FDE Magpul PMags (preferably with Ranger Plates)
Factory Glock 17 or 19 mags
Wilson Combat ETM or 47D 1911 mags (.45ACP)
Magpul MIAD grip kit (FDE only)
Surefire lights (6P, E2D, Z2, or G2 LED; LX2; G2X or 6PX tactical) or KX4 head
Surefire Z49 or Z59 tailcap

Here's what I have for sale/trade:
Rock River Arms 6-pos stock kit (black) - $25
Includes the stock, buffer tube, and endplate. Does not have the castle nut, buffer spring, or buffer. This is a commercial spec tube and stock.

A2 Pistol Grip (black) - $5
I'm not sure who the manufacturer is. Might be Rock River. Includes the screw to mount to your receiver.

Troy Modular Vertical Grip (black) - (Sold)
Can be configured as either a stubby grip or a full-size VFG. Has a watertight storage compartment in the middle. Comes with a thumb screw and a standard flat-head screw.

Magpul Gen 1 Rear MBUS (FDE) - $30
Spring is still very strong. I don't think Magpul is making the Gen 1's anymore. Includes box and instructions.

Troy HK-style Fixed Front Battlesight (black) - $40
Screw is a little marred from putting it on the gun. Works fine, though. Includes original packaging.

Magpul BAD Lever - (Sold to iCreek)
Includes all mounting hardware, packaging, and the Torx wrench needed to put it on the gun.

Vltor 'Scout' Surefire mount - SOLD
Fits a Surefire G2. May work with other lights. This is an ring that mounts the light in-line with your rail (Similar to a real Scout light). Comes with original packaging and paperwork.
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