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As much as I like FALs, I like my M1A just a bit more.
Receiver marked "Receiver made by Imbel -Brazil Hesse-St. Paul, MN - FALH. Not sure if Hesse built this? Serial # is H0709. Fz SA 7.62 - C3A on the left, and IM on the underside of the receiver.
Full auto ejector block. it appears as many parts as I took off to clean are Hebrew marked. The only thing I can tell that's not Israeli is the charging handle. It's a standard unit with an aluminum knob.
Barrel is marked 2-70 and the bore is extremely bright. I don't know how much it's been fired, but the gas system was really clean. A lot of the gun was covered in cosmoline.
Finish is so-so on the UR and LR. The worst part of the rifle is the bipod coupler. I don't know if they all look like that, but it's so so.
I ran 75 rounds through the gun, and it ran like a top.

Stock is in good shape. has two dents from previous owner improperly hanging it. Sling is leather and marked HBA 1979. Bipod is in good shape and coupler tab is included (not pictured). 1 magazine will be included.

I am asking $1250 Shipped. I will ship even to CA as long it's legal to own there. I believe the last FAL I sold there, needed a bullet button installed (will be a buyer's expense). I will accept USPS MO and or Discrete Paypal +3%.

Interested in trades as well. Would like some $$ in the deal, but optics, AR uppers without BCG, Keltec PMR30, M&P 9mm Pro, 7.62x39mm, 5.7x28mm ammo, Desert Eagle Barrels and magazines, etc would peak my interest.
HBFAL Photos by Svlwrx | Photobucket

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