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I used this to carry my Surefire G2X Pro to work a couple times but no longer need it. It is in excellent condition and includes adjustment screw to make it fit your belt size securely, but no original packaging. Asking $19 shipped via PayPal with no additional fees.

This speed holster fits the following Surefire lights:

G3D-FYL, G2D-FYL, G2-LED, G2L-FYL, 6PDL-BK, 6PL-BK, G2LF-FYL KIT02, G2, 6PD-BK, G3L-FYL, G2ZL, G2Z-BK-NR, G3L-BK, 6P, G3-BK, Z2L-BK, Z2-S-BK-WH, 9P-BK, C2L-HA, G2Z, Z2X-A-BK, C3, G2ZX-A-BK, C2, G2X-B-P, 6PXD-A-BK, 6PX-A-BK, S2-BK-WH, G2X-A-P, 6PX-B-BK, AZ2-S-BK-WH, AZ2-BK-WH, Z2-BK
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