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I love this rifle, but I'm looking to get back into the 50BMG game.

This rifle has the 1:12 twist, but I've heard guys shooting 285-300gr bullets. I have had great results using Hornady 250gr Amax bullets.

I only have 150rounds down the tube. The factory stock was ruined when I refinished it, so I replaced the factory stock with the XLR chassis. I haven't shot the rifle since I had the barrel action cerakoted in I believe Patriot Brown and installed XLR chassis.

I've fired this rifle at 1,025 yards and was planning on going a mile with rifle. I just never got the time to shoot the rifle further, but it's more then capable of shooting at longer distances.

I'm looking to sell as a package deal. I'll consider breaking up package only if rifle sells first.

I will allow the buyer to test fire the rifle prior to purchase if the buyer pays for ammo.

Sako TRG 42 $3,399 from Euro Optic website
XLR tactical evolution HD chassis $1,000.00 5rd AI CIP mag
Cerakote from STS $300

Using Midway USA pricing
Midway Drag bag 56" OD green $75
MTM ammo box $10 x 6 = $60
RCBS 2 die set $35
RCBS neck sizer $31
Hornady 250gr $39.49 x 11 = $434.39
Lapua once fired brass
13 pieces
Lapua twice fired brass
150 pieces
BHA aka Norma once fired brass
214 pieces
total brass count 377 (Using $1.75 per brass,NIB runs around $2.50per) $659.75

50 rounds loaded with Hornady 250gr Amax using 91gr Retumbo. I can break down the reloading components if you do not trust my reloads or leave them loaded.

If you price everything I have it would be over $6,000.00.

Asking price $4,000.00 OBO

Located in Pottstown. I'd prefer not to ship due to weight and everything that comes with it, but I would consider it.

I can do a partial trade, but I'm looking for mostly cash to fund my 50 purchase.
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