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Got a lot of random stuff here for sale.

First, let me say –– I'll combine shipping on any of these things that you want to save you money.

Okay, let's check out picture number one:

15 +2 magazine extensions for Glock 9mm/40S&W/.357Sig: $10 for 5 extensions shipped SPF
Tthese are aftermarket, and will do +3 for 9mm, never had a problem using them –– just don't need them.

US made FAL grip, OD green, made by Penguin; brand new: $15 shipped

South African FAL handguards and buttstock: $25 shipped
Handguards are bipod cut, and the stock is the long R2 stock; all have authentic SA paint on them (the paint on the other side of the handguards is mostly gone); no buttpad for stock but does come with the longer stock screw; these are kinda beat up, but structurally sound and very cool looking.

MAK-90 furniture set, excellent condition; includes grip screw: $25 shipped SPF

5 US made FAL magazine followers, brand new; made by Falcon Arms: All 5 for $15 shipped SPF

2 Weaver #24 scope bases, brand new: $10 shipped

US made AK grip, black, modeled after FAL grip; made by Ace Ltd.: $15 shipped SPF
This grip is awesome –– it feels just like a FAL grip, fills out the hand better than an AK grip, counts as a US part, and looks very cool on an AK. This is in excellent condition.

Next picture!!

Pachmayr grip for "K/L" frame, square butt S&W, used: $15 shipped

Leather holster for...revolvers: $10 shipped
It should fit anything similarly sized to a 6" S&W 586/686

Pachmayr grip for J frame, round butt S&W: $15 shipped

20 Enfield stripper clips, VG to EX condition: $9 for 5 shipped SPF

Tec-9 magazine, 32rnd, brand new: $20 shipped

Alloy HK G3 mags, VG to EX condition, preban: $20 shipped

Read this part; it's important!

Payment must be in the form of a USPS MO. I do this so that I know the payment is good, and so that you don't have to wait for a check to clear. I do not use PayPal because they are anti-gun, and because I can't afford to get my PP account locked because someone uses "gun" in a payment description. If you send payment in the form of anything other than a USPS MO, I'm going to send it back.

As always, if you can't legally have an item, do not buy it. You are responsible for knowing your local laws. I will not ship outside the US. Sorry.

Feel free to IM me or email me through the site.

Thanks for looking!

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pm sent on Glock extensions.

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I'll take the MAK-90 furniture set, excellent condition; includes grip screw: $25 shipped

pm sent
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