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WTS - NIB REM3 AMBER LED light for White FN PS90 Sight

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This is an AWESOME product. This is the 3rd edition of the REM - this one works in bright daylight.

This is a NIB REM3 with an amber colored LED. It fits into the stock white ring sight on a PS90!

Here is a link to a detailed review of the product! FN Forum.NET PS90 FS2000 FN SCAR FiveseveN 5.7x28mm FN Forum.NET :: View topic - Reticule Enhancement Module T3 (Orders)

The LED attached underneath the PS90's ringsight and attaches to the receiver. It fits very nicely.

The REM 3 costs $79 + shipping. I am selling it for $65 shipped! - It has never been used!

E-mail me at: [email protected] to purchase it!

This is advertised on more than 1 site - so please e-mail me.

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