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Want to sell a Kimber Team Match II.
This 1911 has been 100% reliable and is dead on accurate.
This gun was originally satin stainless finish and was sent to Walter Birdsong in Mississippi to be coated in Black T.
A teflon like finish that is impervious to saltwater and the elements.
Gun also wears the red, white and blue USA shooting team grip panels- however the blue(which always looked green)
faded to black and I think it makes the gun and grips look awesome together.
The barrel and internals all got the Black T treatment, as you can see in the pics,
the barrel hood and the muzzle left untreated to set off the black with a little contrast. the trigger just tested out at 3.5 pound pull on digital trigger pull scale.
Barrel is bright and shiney, looks like new. approx 3000 rounds through gun.
Includes 1 Kimber mag, 1 CMC mag both treated in Black T, and Kimber hard case.
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