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For sale is a 1911A1 made for High Standard by Armscor which is identical to the Rock Island 1911's with a different roll mark and checkered wood grips instead of smooth. This one I lost exact round count but I know it is between 400-500. This is a very accurate shooter and has been 100% reliable since the addition of an 8 round ACT-mag to replace the horrible stock magazine. I have the factory hard plastic case and I will try to find the instructions. The frame and slide have 99+ % of their parkerizing. Wear exists on the tip of the grip-safety where the hammer comes back and rubs it, on the tip of the spring cover, and a small spot on the right side of the frame that can be seen in the 1st photo 3/4in forward of the take-down pin.

I will ship to your FFL for $315 or face to face for $300.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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