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I have a 1973 vintage Colt Combat Commander in satin nickle finish. A beautiful and somewhat uncommon pistol (Colt did not make tons of Commanders in satin nickle) but one that has given me feeding fits for years.

I replaced the extractor and all springs with Wilson parts and that cured most problems, but I still had trouble with the slide locking back early, with rounds left in the magazine. This did not happen all the time...but enough to make it annoying. An accurate and beautiful pistol...I did not want to get rid of it and set it away in the safe for a long time.

After talking with the helpful people at Bill Wilson's shop in Arkansas, they suggested that I replace the slidestop, as the factory unit was probably not fitted well and it was riding up early and causing the slide to lock back during the cycle.

Well, I ordered a stainless Wilson Bulletproof Slide Stop and just dropped it in, as they suggested.

I ran 150 rounds through the Colt on Saturday...trying hollowpoints and fmjs and three brands of magazines. 100% reliable! The little Commander ran perfectly. Woo hoo! Fixed with a 50 dolar part and no smithing...amazing.

So kudos to Wilson Combat - these guys are the best! They are VERY helpful over the phone and all of the parts I have bought from their shop have worked as described. Sure, you pay more for his parts...but they WORK. If you have questions or need parts...these guys are tops.

Just thought I'd share....I am very happy that this nice old Colt is now 100% reliable. I'll be carrying it alot more now!


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