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Selling to fund a 308 battle rifle
Century import
TAPCO G2 trigger
Legion Arms railed forend (painted OD green)
MagPul CTR stock (milspec) OD Green
Adapter and AR tube (milspec)
7 Mags some painted OD some with a "smiley" face
1 tin of 1080 rounds all 7 mags full of the same surplus and a 150ish rounds loose
I took her to the range once and fired 200 ish round through her then came home and cleaned her up all nice a preally like

I did also cut the safety lever into a bolt hold open "device"

What ya see is what ya get...any questions just ask. For now the sling,light and PA micro are not included nor are they for sale but for the right $ everything is for sale.

5.45x39 wound profile along with a few others just so ya know how it stacks up against 7.62x39




TRADE: Any trade would need to be FTF
Offer it up I'm very open with this one.
Some ideas to help ya:
1911 45 ACP 9MM railed or not from 3" - long slide etc. heck I'd even take a GI as long as the cash etc is on par
Bolt action hunting / long range 308 270 7MM-08 223 etc...
Pistol caliber carbines
12 ga anything but a Mossberg
M&P pro 9MM / a 45
XD tactical 9MM,45
XDM 9MM / 45
I'll add others as I think of them

I might go get a can of snuff come home and pull it you never know. If you want it let me know.

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