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Today I got my Great-Grandpa's Model 64 out for a shoot. I just inherited the rifle from my grandfather (who died in May) when my grandmother gave it to me on Friday. The rifle was made in the mid forties and probably had not been shot for between 30 and 40 years. It is in great shape 95% bluing and wood, with only minor marks from use as a hunting rifle. Zero rust. I cleaned and lived it up Friday and managed to get it out to my field to shoot this morning.

I had two boxes of ammo, one was Remington Core Lokts, the other was the new Hornady Leverlutions. I shot a group with the Core Lokts first. They are the standard 170 grain flat nose load for the .32 at about 2200 fps. Then I shot a group with the Leverlutions. They are a special flex tip pointed bullet that is safe to use in a tubular magazine. The are a bit hotter: 165 grain at 2440 fps.

Surprisingly the Hornadys shot the best 100 yard group, around 2.75 inches. The Remingtons shot around 3". For this kind of rifle, these are reasonable groups that would make it a viable 200 yard deer rifle.

Now the question is, am I going to try and shoot a black bear with this thing next month? My Howa would definately be better, but I won't be shooting further than 80 yards from my stand, the thick vegetation does not allow it. I just keep thinking it would be cool to actually hunt with it once.
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