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Well finally got my sights! Well my second replacement set anyway. The first set that I received were damaged beyond belief. That's a great place to start these sights are made of aluminum. There super soft easy to damage.
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With that said, They are freaking beautiful, Sharp well made,and the adjustments are fine and audible.
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Again these sights are extremely fragile. I put a slight ding with a light strikes from a tiny hammer. I fitted these sights about 60% into position. I stoned the sights till I was able to push them by hand 60% in to position. Once centered I put a tad of red thread locker on each side of the sights and wiped excess.
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I got these sights for $55 on Amazon. There's cool but way to fragile. If your the type of person who baby's your guns and are looking for adjustable sights for the price these are awesome. These sights come stock on the,
CA Only model:
Fragile adjustable fiber optic sights
Enormous useless mag well
Ugly but functional stippling
Enormous useless thumb rest

With a restricted capacity of 10+1 your ready to take on an aggressive Drug addict / Homeless. Maybe even a meth head.
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It does extend the sight radius by a good 5/8" and ya know what they say about long sight radius 馃槅.
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