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Which ammo for my XD9?

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I got a XD9 last week, and am very impressed. I have shot a few mags of 115 Gr Winchester white box from Israel. Shoots great. I am looking into some self defense ammo. Anyone have any problems with any ammo? I have a few pistols that wont feed reliably with some hollowpoints, but work well with others. Just looking for some advice from some folks more experienced with this firearm than myself before investing in a few hundred rounds.
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My XD-9 has swallowed everything I've put through it including three brands and loads of JHP as well as four brands of FMJ. I currently have 124gr +P Winchester Ranger SXT JHPs in it for SD. I've also got some Federal Hydra Shok 147 gr JHP. Both have fed without a hitch as has some cheap 115 gr Winchester White Box JHPs.

For FMJs, I mostly use the 115 gr WWB and have over 1750 rounds now. However, I've shot 115 gr FMJ in CCI Blazer Brass, Magtech and Remington UMC. Again, all but one WWB fed without a flaw and that was out-of-spec cartridge. :shock:

My guess is your XD-9 will also spit out anything you can cram into the magazine. You're going to love shooting it and quickly learn to rely on it! :D
I have yet to find any ammo that my HS won't eat! It really is somewhat amazing to me that so far (probably around 4000 rounds) there isn't any ammo that won't feed.
Same for me. I can't find a 9mm round that it won't take.
I use Gold Dot HP 124 gr +P from Ammoman.com

I bought and used both the HP 124 +P and 115 Gr HP with no problems. I think the prices at ammoman.com are just about the best, selection is not to great, but a lot of the ammo is surplus and run over.

The Gold Dots are "not for law enforcement" labeled. Some folks do not feel this is good for carry / personal protection, but I never had any problems with it.

Frogman7 said:
I use Gold Dot HP 124 gr +P
Ditto here. And 115gr FMJs for range, usually either CCI Blazer or WWB.
The "not for law enforcement" tag doesn't mean it's not suitable for that purpose. That ammo was originally intended for law enforcement, but the contract fell through or something. They were forced to put the label on there to indicate that it shouldn't be sold to law enforcement agencies thereafter for some legal reason.

It's the same stuff.

(That's what I've heard, anyway)
It's the same stuff.

(That's what I've heard, anyway)
What I read was that the stuff was reclassified due to a quality control issue. Maybe hard primers, maybe erratic powder loads giving erratic velocities, I dunno. But somewhere there was a statement from Speer about it and they specifically said it was not to be used for life critical applications. This sounds to me more than just a contract issue, because they could have just resold it.
Just what I was hoping tp hear!
My XD9 likes Winchester 147 gr SXT but every gun shoots different. Best thing to do is buy a few different kinds and see what one she falls for. BTW great choice going with the XD9! its nice to see people still buying 9's over .40. Happy shooting
If you're looking for specific recommendations on defensive ammo, here's my input.

Remington Golden Saber 124 gr +P or Speer Gold Dot 124 gr+p. If those aren't available, then the same round in non +p. These rounds have repeatedly tested at the top for penetration, expansion, and weight retention, which are the most critical performance factors. If these function properly in your gun you cannot find a round which is better. The Golden Sabers are usually pretty well priced compared to other brands, too.
Paladin said:
I've also got some Federal Hydra Shok 147 gr JHP.

Good price/Great round
I haven't seen anyone mention Cor-bon. Any comments?
Federal Hydroshocks or Speer gold Dot. Cycle them out every 4 to 6 months to make sure I have fresh ammo.
I went to the local shop today and bought several types of "defense" ammo. Of the 5 types I got I noticed that Mag-Safe seems to be the closest to following the path of the ball ammo I plink with. Sounds like I've found my new ammo of choice for carry.
I haven't seen anyone mention Cor-bon. Any comments?
The CorBons have a history of jacket seperation and core fragmentation. Ammolab used to have lots of pictures and data available online, and they showed this problem. I've done a fair amount of testing into a Fackler box and had the same problem. Their copper jacket seems softer than other brands and it tended to tear away into several pieces and totally seperate from the core.

Golden Saber and Gold Dots were by far the best and most consistent performers in my tests.
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