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Where to buy a magazine spring

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Gents, where can I buy a magazine spring for my XDM9 COMPACT?

I was trying a new butt plate and while taking it off the spring flew off several miles down the road......:oops:

please don't tell me me I need to buy a new magazine....please????? :(

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I would imagine the XD and XDm mag springs are close to the same..
But I'm not 100% sure..
You might call and make sure..

Springs for SPRINGFIELD XD 4 INCH Semi-Auto Pistols

Magazine Spring
For Use in:

XD Series Hi-Capacity magazines.
9mm - 16 rounds
.40 S&W - 12 rounds
.357 SIg - 12 rounds

Will not work in XD or XD(M) .45 magazines.
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I don't think they are the same...
You could also find them at Brownell's & Midway.
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