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Where do you guys get your avatars?

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Just womdering were y'all get the Avatars
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Gunslinger45 said:
We get them buy posting the same question here; General Non-HS2K SA-XD Talk
I made mine. Got the idea form playing counter strike and my name was Special Forces Smurf. I made spray to go along with it and then i decided to make a flash image that moved for kicks.

It all depends on what you like or what you want. You can just find a pic that you want and scale it down so you can us it.

What are you wanting or looking for????
Scanned photo from my Navy days about a century ago.
Mine is the insigina of the TOG 21956th BatRon (Battleship Squadron), Flagship Kraken, from the FASA RPG/combat game Renegade Legion. I copied the original design from the book with tracing paper, put that over very fine grid graph paper and meticulously mapped pixel by pixel. THis was in the days before scanners were an economically feasable option. The final work retouched with Corel Photopaint.
Mine is a high quality JPG of my HS2000 resized to 100X100 pixels.
Took a digital picture of my XD40. (Sony Cyber-shot 5.0 megapixels)

Used Paint Shop Pro Version 8: Erased the background, pushed the laser light out a bit using the clone tool, then used the drop shadow tool.
Some where in here is a link to make the south park character from a pic of your self 8)
Copy, paste and re-sized a pic I found at a website.
Resized a digital photo of a cedar strip dinghy I was building for a friend.
mengelmar said:
Resized a digital photo of a cedar strip dinghy I was building for a friend.
I thought that was a snake lol :lol:
Resized a photo of a painting titled "Lucifer".
I pulled mine off the internet and resized it in photoshop and edited the white space around Karl's head.
I got mine from Satan.
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