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whats the deal?

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whats the deal with nickel casings? almost all defense ammo is nickel cased, why?

i cant stand nickle cased ammo, especially for carry ammo, because it dents up to easy causing you to replace it more often.
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Really I like it alot better stays cleaner and doesn't scratch as bad
I like the bling bling factor of the nickel case...it matches my nickle jennings.
Nickle cases help kill faster than brass cases. :?
pair of ten's.
The original reason dates back a long time.Brass carried in leather belt loops will get eaten up by the acid in the leather.If I had kept some old books I could post some photos.Now nickle plating is smoother,feeds better,extracts better and does not corrode.If you have some old brass it will not look like it did new.You don't pay the extra money just to make it look pretty.

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