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What's lurking on the Extractor claw???

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Good evening everyone!

I just finished oiling my wife's XD. It's been about 5 weeks since it's been "out" and it felt a little dry (I know, we've been shooting the P22 lately cause it's cheap).

Anyhoo, I've got a question for you all, and I'm sure the following paranoia only comes from reading all of the "rust" postings:

Whilst having the slide turned upside down on my cleaning mat for oiling and wiping, I noticed a little bit of a reddish sheen on the bottom corner of the extractor claw. GASP! :shock: I thought, could it be??? Was it rust? I couldn't tell, but it's color certainly looked right.

The thing that puzzled me was that the area was still a little wet with oil from the last time it was oiled. It was wet enough to have a "sheen" on it from (presumably) a coating of oil.

Is it possible that the reddish sheen I saw was caked brass shavings from casings sliding under the extractor claw during cycling? Thinking more about it, the color really had a copper-like tone to it.

If it isn't too much trouble, and your XD is nearby, would anyone mind field stripping it to see if you've got a little metallic buildup on the very corner of your extractor claw? I'd be very appreciative, thanks in advance for all those that look! :)

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reddish sheen are u shooting wolf ammo with that red stuff over the primer?
My whole extractor arm has a reddish sheen to it. I was a little worried at first myself, as its not unheard of for the XD to get a little rusty. I scraped and brushed and wiped and the whole nine but it is the same color. So, I don't think it's rust. Could be related to the rounds you are shooting somehow but my inclination would be toward the properties of the metal used for the extractor. I won't say that it's **** metal, as it hasn't broken and has no wear but it didn't give me a warm fuzzy when I first encountered it.
While using a flashlight to look into my safe, I did notice a rust like color on the pins that hold the XD together. Turns out with a little oil, and the right kind of lighting and the pins will look brownish red. Scared me too, but it's not rust, it's the color of the metal.

Pheeeew! :p
excellent, thanks guys for the reassurance!

I have seen the same kind of color on the Aftec extractors. On the Aftec I think it is some finish they put on, but I have never seen one rust :lol: .
I think just about everyone has the brownish tint on the pins. It leads me to believe that maybe it is some form of lubricant. When I recently purchased a new Ruger the first time I cleaned it a similar color rubbed off on the cloth I used.
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