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I decided my first priority was a couple of AR's for a SHTF scenario, and for these I wanted simple, so no quad rail, etc... I did add an EOTech to one but I did not get fancy. One is a mid-length carbine and one will be an M4gery in a few weeks. I have now fully completed one of these AR's and the 2nd one will be done in 3 weeks when I get paid out for some more overtime.

That means that as someone seriously stricken with EBRD, I am now thinking about my next build. I have been competing on and off in IDPA for many years and love it. I have heard about these 3 gun matches and they sound fun. I think I'd like to build my next AR with these type matches in mind.

Since I've never shot a 3 gun match, I really don't know what is needed. I have heard that some shots can be very up close and personal and some can be quite a distance. Since I now have one with a carbine length sight radius, and one with a middy sight radius, I was thinking about an 18" with a rifle length sight radius. Maybe a stainless barrel free floated for better accuracy. I would add an EOTech mounted a bit forward with a magnifier behind it that I can flip out of the way for close up shots.

Does this sound like a good setup for 3 gun? If not, what would you recommend.
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