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What options would you buy an XD40sc with?

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Bitone, heine night sights OR another brand NS, od green, XML light,

cmon guys, whatdaya like?

I think i am going for a Bitone with XML or OD with XML.

I cant figure out if it is better to get the light or the night sights?

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Definately the Night sights. I prefer Trijicon over Meprolight sights, but that is just me. See if you can find both at a local shop and se which ones you like better. I use Trijicon sights on both my 1911 and my XD40, as well as a trijicon reflexII on my SAR1. I have beaten the hell out of my SAR1 and my 1911, and neither sighting system has failed yet.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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