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What options would you buy an XD40sc with?

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Bitone, heine night sights OR another brand NS, od green, XML light,

cmon guys, whatdaya like?

I think i am going for a Bitone with XML or OD with XML.

I cant figure out if it is better to get the light or the night sights?

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I'm partial to my own bitone finish, so if i wanted to pick up an sc i'd probably go witha matching bitone for that as well. Both for ease of maintenace, and i just think it looks better.

As for your night sight v. tactical light dilemma i would go wtih the night sights. you can always get the light after with much more ease than you could the night sights. I would rather get the night sights put in at the factory rather than put it in myself as i am unexperienced. However, another incentive to wait on the tactical light may be the fact that the new X2(xml2) light from insight will be released soon. That gives you both the practicality of a light as well as the added feature of the laser.

just my 2cents.
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