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what kind of trigger action does the XD-9 sub compact have?

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I am real close to buying a XD-9 sub-compact as my CCW. However, I cannot find any documentation about what the trigger action is on it. Is it a traditional SA/DA, DAO, or what? Springfield's website has a lot to be desired, IMHO!

Oh yeah, I am new to this forum. Greetings to you all! :D
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I haven't shot the sub compact yet so i can't say for sure but i'd guess its the same as the rest of the XD's which is kind of like the glock trigger. Not da/sa like most hammer fired semiautos. This is a striker fired and will give you the same trigger pull every time from first round till the end of ur mag. Length of trigger pull is closer to a double action pull but pretty smooth.
It's a Single Action system. That is to say, the object that strikes the primer, in this case, the striker, is in the full, cocked position, and all the trigger serves to do is release the firing mechanism.

In a Glock, the trigger finishes cocking the firing mechanism, as well as releases it. For this reason, it is a Double Action.

Hope this helps.
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms classfies all XD pistols as single action, since they are fully cocked each time the slide cycles.

Springfield calls it a Universal Safety Assurance (USA) trigger system, since with the trigger safely, grip safety, and firing pin block, it would be quite difficult to make the weapon fire without the gun being properly held and the trigger being pulled. No safety is foolproof, but this one is pretty close.

I guess at the end of the day, it's got it's own unique trigger system. Once you've had a gunsmith work on it, they are just awesome.

The XD is Single Action. The trigger, once all safeties have been disengaged, drops the sear.. which allows the fully cocked firing pin to release, striking the primer and making the "BANG" sound that puts a hole in something down range.

Unlike the Glock, which when the trigger is pulled, the last 1/3 of the trigger pull actually cocks the pistol.. The single action of the XD may feel like the double action of a Glock.. but the mechanics are very different.

This is probably not very important in the big picture outside of competitive shooting events where these distinctions matter.. it's only important to me because I found it very confusing, and nobody would explain it to me in a way that I could understand... until I tore the thing completely apart to see how it works.

You sure about that Ray? My firing pin indicator moves back ever so slightly as I pull the trigger.
I am pretty sure.. and I am sure I will be corrected if I am wrong..

The trigger when pulled (and all safeties disengaged,) pulls the trigger bar (8) which activates the ejector (14) and drops the sear (10)

Now, I can't say I am completely correct on the mechanics.. I am not a gunsmith.. but I think this is how it works.

and I checked, and double checked the firing pin indicator issue.. I don't see any movement of the striker status indicator (29) on my pistol prior to the full release of the trigger. It just releases the spring, and it sucks in like my testicals in cold water. LOL

[TASF said:
Overkill]My firing pin indicator moves back ever so slightly as I pull the trigger.
mine too, thats what always confused me about the SA/DA issue with the XD.
I thought this slight rear-ward movement was the reason the XD gets classified as it does in some competitions and BATF documents...
well ****! No you guys got me all stressed out about this... Is it possible that this is an anomoly that occurs in the .40? My 9mm's firing status indicator does not move at all until the trigger is full depressed.. ****! Now I am going to have to take my gun apart to see how it works! And South Park is just starting.. decisions, decisions.. I know.. I will watch South Park, and take apart the pistol!

Good times...

Don't feel bad guy's the IDPA can't figure it out either.
one-eyed-fatman said:
Don't feel bad guy's the IDPA can't figure it out either.
yeah... i have shot both classes... ESP, and SSP, lol

i always tell the guys "they put the XD in a different class cause the GLOCK guys are scared of the competition" :D

It seems to me that the sear pulling the firing pin back a little would be due to a tolerance issue. If your sear is shaped just a little bit differently.....

I'd also think you have a better trigger pull if yours doesn't do that. :)
I dunno'.. I have no problems with the trigger pull... I did tear the thing apart tonight though..

she was a dirty girl... I cleaned her up real good LoL!!

One interesting thing I did find was some unusual wear on the striker pin indicaators guide... not normal.. I will be interested if any of you have found simiar wear.. but for now.. I am sleepy.. so I am giving up on the internet tonight..

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