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Subject: What Glock won't tell you about their pistols...

Forwarded as a service to Glock owners.

January 18, 2002
From: Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute www.frontsight.com

Announcing the Front Sight Armorer's Course for the Glock
Series Pistol

If you love Glocks... and you'd like to know everything
there is to know about Glocks -- particularly the "inside
secrets" of world-famous Glock armorers -- then you should
know about a rare opportunity to attend an Armorer's Course
for the Glock Pistol being offered for the first time EVER
to members of the public through Front Sight Firearms
Training Institute.

As you may know, Glock NEVER allows members of the public to
attend one of their Armorer's Courses. They're strictly for
military and law enforcement agencies. If you're a private
citizen, you're out of luck.

And yet, Glock enthusiasts from around the world hunger for
the inside information revealed at these Armorer's Courses.

Well, thanks to some high-level negotiations by the "brass"
here at Front Sight, we are now able to offer to the general
public the same "insider" information you would get if you
were somehow lucky enough to get into a Glock Armorer's

And best of all, the Armorer's Course we're going to offer
you will be presented by two of the top Glock experts in the
entire world -- Ben Paz of Glockmeister and J.R. Shepard of
Lone Wolf Distributors.

These two men know more about Glock pistols than any other
person on the planet besides Gaston Glock himself.

And, if you attend Front Sight's coveted Three Day Armorer's
Course for Glock Pistols that we're now offering to the
public, you will know everything there is to know about the
Glock. You will know how every part works... why it was
designed that way... and how to expertly use, repair, and
replace every part on your Glock from now until the day you

You will have better skills than probably 99% of all the
armorers in the world-AND you will know how to use your
Glock better than the vast majority of people who carry
Glocks for a living. Why? Because a Three Day Front Sight
Armorer's Course goes way beyond any typical armorer's
course. That's because -- in addition to the technical
aspects of the weapon -- you will also receive expert
instruction from Front Sight's stellar staff of Handgun
Rangemasters and instructors, who will train you to levels
you just cannot imagine in the defensive use of your Glock.

Remember: Private citizens can't get into Glock's armorer's
course anywhere else in the world, at any price. Glock won't
hear of it.

But now, for a limited time only, Front Sight is making the
Armorer's Course for Glocks available to anybody who loves
the Glock and wants a detailed, intimate knowledge of the
Glock's history, development, function, maintenance, and the
various enhancements possible with a Glock pistol.

Since this course has never been offered to the private
citizen before, the response is likely to be immediate --
and classes will fill up FAST.

So DO NOT DELAY in responding to this historic offer.

Three Day Course dates (Friday - Sunday) are as follows:

September 13-15 -- Ben Paz, Glockmeister Armorer
October 11-13 -- Ben Paz, Glockmeister Armorer
November 8-10 -- J.R. Shepard, Lone Wolf Armorer
December 13-15 -- J.R. Shepard, Lone Wolf Armorer

The cost of the course is normally $800, and includes a
Glock disassembly tool, a special disassembly mat, an
armorer's manual, plus all the end-of-course gifts normally
provided to all Front Sight students.

However, for those who respond immediately -- and no later
than Midnight, February 5, 2002 (or before the class is
filled, whichever comes first) -- Front Sight will send you
a special Front Sight Course Certificate that will allow you
to attend this unbelievable course for ONLY $300.


We're offering you this savings because we know that once
you attend this course at Front Sight, you'll want to come
back for ALL our courses -- and you'll probably tell
everyone you meet that Front Sight is without a doubt the
finest firearms training facility in the world. You will be
convinced, firsthand, that Front Sight provides a level of
training that you just can't get anywhere... at any price.

To take advantage of this amazing offer to attend the Front
Sight Armorer's Course for the Glock Pistol, simply complete
the Front Sight Armorer's Course Certificate Purchase Form
below and get it back to us as fast as you can.

Remember: Space is very limited. This is an extremely rare
opportunity. There are thousands of Glock enthusiasts who
will want to attend this course. And you can save $500 IF
you respond no later than Midnight, February 5, 2002 -- or
before the classes are filled, whichever comes first. (It
is likely that these course dates will fill before the
February 5 deadline so don't waste any time in responding)

Let us hear from you today!


Front Sight Armorer's Course
Certificate Purchase Form

For fastest response, simply reply with this form to
[email protected]

Or FAX it to (831) 684-2137






Home Phone: ( )

Work Phone: ( )

Cost of Armorer's Course Certificate is $300 (a $500

Number of course certificates I wish to purchase:

Total Purchase:

Credit Card:
(VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)

Expiration date:

If paying by check, print form and mail to:

Front Sight
PO Box 2619
Aptos, CA 95001

Must be postmarked by Midnight, February 5, 2002

If paying by credit card, e-mail to [email protected]

or FAX to (831) 684-2137

Upon receipt of your purchase form, we will mail your
Special Armorer's Course Certificate along with the special
application form allowing you to choose the date you want to
attend this amazing opportunity.

NOTE: You won't see the Armorer's Course listed on our
website since this is a very special course. However, for a
schedule of all of Front Sight's other world-class training
courses, go to www.frontsight.com.


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What a rip off, Im with you Zipgun. I too am a Glock armorer and there is no way in hell to drag out the course for 3 days. I taught a buddy of mine how to completely take one down in about 30 minutes tops. Normally $800 but now $300, pllllllease. My dept. teaches the entire armorers course to every officer going through our academys, so technically every officer on our dept since we went to the Glocks in 90-91 are Glock armorers, only they dont give you a certificate. Thats the only reason I spent the money, think it was like $80 to get certified. The only thing I learned that I didnt learn in the academy was how to replace the connector. They must have really long breaks if they are streching it out to 3 days, when it takes no more than a couple of hours.

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I have never been LE or military. I took the Glock armorers course last summer. It can be taken by qualified people in the industry as far as I know. It was a full 8 hours. I found it interesting and very informative.
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