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What exactly is this.....

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Well I picked up 300 rds of Winchester Super CleanNT off of gun broker when I first got my .357sig XD. Well I was at the range tonight, and going onto my second box loading some mags when I found this in the box.

Did I win some sort of prize?

The two on the ends are what every other round looks like in the box.

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That's bizarre looking. I'd guess either the bullet is in upside down, or more likely the hollow point ends on the bullet are crimped mechanically and this one was missed. Is there a cavity in the top? It looks like it from the pic.
nope, it is solid, like a FMJ or wadcutter. I'm thinking the upsidedown idea may be possible?
Yeah, upside down.

One way to find out..... :D
Call 'em up, explain the danger and possibility of lawsuit or whatever, get your free ammo. :D
I had the same thing on a WWB .40 S&W:

Don't bother contacting Winchester about it. They will insist you ship it to them in special packaging that you have to provide, and ship it UPS. It's not worth the hassle to even give them a courtesy "Heads Up". :?
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Can you give us a top down view of the round? It looks like the end of it is hollow, thus giving the appearance that its something different than just a round loaded backwards.

Winchester has such great quality control! :roll:
Can do, It looks almost just like the .40sw that is posted right there except its a solid color.

I'll be out of town this weekend, heading camping at the Kern River, but i'll post it up when i get home.
I wonder if you shoot it if it comes back at you instead of the target:)
ajamesp51 said:
I wonder if you shoot it if it comes back at you instead of the target:)
Maybe thats what Kennedy meant by COP KILLER BULLETS....... :roll:
:shock: i want to see you shoot it at a watermelon or something
It looks a projectile that has not gone through the complete process. The jacket is on and the cavity cut but it has not been rolled downed or the nose slotted.
yeah its upside down i shoot the same ammo from wal mart and thats just wrong
I would contact the maker and send them the bullet with the box so that they can look at the lot number if it is on the box. About two years ago I got a box of winchester 9mm and I think it was the white box FMJ...anyway one of the cartridges was missing the primer and had no powder. Winchester sent me two $20 gift certificates for some ammo which I promptly spent on more 9mm cartridges. So, I think it is worth sending a faulty product back to the maker and let them make it right...plus it helps them with quality control so that maybe one day in the future other people won't get a faulty cartridge. ??

G20 :mrgreen:
dolanp said:
Call 'em up, explain the danger and possibility of lawsuit or whatever, get your free ammo. :D
I would definately give them a call and tell them about it but I wouldn't even touch on the subject of a lawsuit cause then they're gonna get pissed at you and what not.

If it was me, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. I can't imagine how many rounds of ammo they pump out in a day so if there's a screw up here and then no problem. They make a decent, inexpensive target ammo that I have yet to have a problem with so that right there counts for a lot in my books.

They should have caught the round in QC but no one is perfect and no one got hurt out of the deal. And if you would've actually loaded this round and fired it and gotten hurt, I'd seriously have to wonder what the hell you were doing while loading your mags.
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