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You must not be in the US, the HS2000 40 Tactical was never imported into the US.

The HS2000 is the Classic XD/HS series pistol. The standard XD/HS2000.
The Tactical will give you:
5 inch barrel.
12 rounds of 40sw
Depending how old the pistol is you may get a melonited version. If its a year or two old its melonited.
Will have to pull the trigger to take the slide off

The XDm
Barrel 4.5 0r 3.8
Match barrel
16 rounds of 40sw
Interchangeable back straps
Don not have to pull the trigger to take the slide off.
All have melonite finish.
Slick novack/heinie style sights
I theory a better trigger pull.
Costs more
More aggressive checking "for a better grip"

Pick up both and see which one feels better. They are both great guns.

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The "m" mag holds 16 vs the XD's 12

Buddies that have XD service all really really like my XDm 4.5 40. But a large part is the PRP trigger kit, the filled guide rod and the laser toy. Everybody likes toys!
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