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Well today I called Walter Birdsong of W. E. Birdsong and Associates. He is the nicest gentleman that I have spoken to in quite some time. If you don't know it, he is the Black-T man. The conversation that we had was incredible. The first thing he did was switch from his portable phone to a hard wire so that "We can get this conversation started out properly." Firstly he talked about the history of the process he created and why he created it. He then described the Black-T Process and the differences between it and the bake on finishes. Did you know that he has dealers send him old shotgun barrels so he can refinish them, just so the dealers can show their customers how tough this finish is. He instructs the dealers to wack whatever they can. This is how tough this finish is. He says that the finish will wear over time, as will any finish! But when it wears it will look grey where it wears not silver, showing that the metal is still protected. The finish is self lubricating and had a drag coefficient of .08. That is more slick than most oils. He also said forget about oiling your gun with Black-T you can run your gun dry without oil, with the barrel beoing the exception. They are currently running a lot of over 4000 guns through for the FBI. His company finishes for Springfield, HK, and others which I have forgotten. All this from a company that does not advertise at all. He then told me the price to refinish my XD. $125 for the gun and two magazines, and $5 for each additional magasine, and $15 for the return shipping. He said the wait is about five weeks plus or minus a week. The whole time that he was talking to me he had such passion and conviction in his voice. I am sold on the finish! I will be sending my gun out to him when I get it back from S.A. We talked for twenty minutes, and I came away a more knowlegable person. I also feel I talked to one of the nicest gentlemen.

I am not affiliated nor contracted by W. E. Birdsong and Associates. I am just passing on an experience that I had, and knowledge that I aquired.


If you want to read more about this finish and a review on its performance check out this link.

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