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Hey guys and gals,

I have seen a few posts from folks stating they have sent their XD's back to Springfield for a warranty refinish, sometimes within the first few weeks of ownership. What are the reasons for the refinish? Did you have rust, or was this simply due to unusual wear, or damage? How does Springfield respond to claims of premature wear?

I have a couple spots on the top of my barrel chamber that are wearing quickly, and also have marred areas on the slide in the ejector port. Do you think this is sufficient for a warranty refinish by SA, or should I just throw down the money to get a real refinish done somewhere else?

Thanks for the help.

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some peoples guns rust and some dont. Either when carrying it brings the worst out of the finish, they dont care for it well, or god knows what,

The barrel wear you speak of is normal and is not covered. I am not sure holster wear is even covered

I do know that they are pretty much refinishing any gun for rust issues. To avoid being pistolless, use some CLP and practice preventive maintenance, and you should be fine.
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