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Got my C5L back in December, it has been a great light/laser.

Though the other day, I noticed one of the screws in the front was backing out. I tightened it up, but later thought I should check the others screws just to be safe.

Turns out 2 of the screws in the back were missing, must have fallen out.

So now I am kind of upset, almost 300 dollar laser/light really shouldn't have issues, but **** does happen, so I called them.

Gave viridian a call just a few mins ago. They offered to take the light in for repair (free of charge) or just send me a handful of screws.

I figure for now, take the screws, if it becomes an issue again, off to viridian it will go.

They are also sending me the new style rail clips.

Its so good to have great customer service still available in today's world.

Thanks Viridian!
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