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Hi all..!! I'm new to this forum... found this forum in a search for info and values for some guns. I'm not interested in selling, so much as what values are for insurance both at home and particularly for shipping.

I'm about to ship the following...

Model 12 - 12 gauge.. non-vented rib, purchased used approx 1955, with 'normal' wear, and my favorite all time 12 gauge pump... besides the fact that is was my Fathers.

Model 42 - 410 gauge - non-vented.. purchased approx 1963.. in PERFECT SHAPE... and a beautiful match to the model 12.

Remington Model 1100 Skeet auto - purchased used approx 1962 in beautiful condition.

7.65 Argentine Mauser - sport modified, cut for scope.. in good shape.. I believe it to be made in the earlier 1900s but the model-date says 1893 (I believe).

Mossberg Model 144 LS .22 LR target rifle with scope (my trusty prairie-dog gun)

Savage 410 pump in good condition... purchased new about 1964.

CRESCENT FIREARMS of Norwich Conn - "PEERLESS MODEL" side-by-side shotgun - 16 gauge (I think, it is not stamped) that needs repair... this gun was bought and used but once.. it fires the second round, on-its-own, about 15 seconds after the first round is fired ( YIKES...!!!!!!!!!!) I was always tempted to disable it and hang it over the fire-place.

So far, for shipping, I'm thinking to insure the Model 12 and Model 42 for $3000 together. The Model 1100 and the Mauser.... ??? The Mossberg..??

Any info would be greatly appreciated..!!!


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