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Know of an aftermarket mfg. that is working with an XD 4", .40 in development and testing for a new product.

Gun is ca. 6 months old and sat around for a good bit before they got into it. Now has ca. 15,000 rounds of factory ammo thru it with very few parts problems. {if any at all} Only real problem has been feeding but they do not baby their test guns. Normally run 1 to 1.5 K rounds thru it per session {min. is 500 ea. per} with no regard for how hot it gets or how good the lubrcation is. Shoot as fast as they can reasonably stay on the target.
Use 5 ea. magazines with no reported problems.

Also test Glocks and have a number of them with 600 K thru over the years.
Most prevalent problem is trigger return spring breakage. But Glocks do have mechanical problems as well long term.

Pretty impressive for the XD's reliability and long-term use!
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