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I'm on day 4 of wearing Garrett Industries Silent Thunder XDS 2.0 and so far it's a keeper. It's being held up by a Ares Ranger 1.5" belt where it rides high and tight. I had to return a G-Code OSH standard kydex holster prior to ordering this one because the butt of the weapon stuck out too far from my side and there were significant printing issues. Even with the 13rd extended magazine this holster hides remarkably well. When I switch to the 9rd mag you can't tell at all that I'm carrying. The draw and re-holstering are extremely quiet due to the lining on the inside of the shell. I know it has only been four days but there is an awful lot to like about this holster. Most Concealable OWB Holster Silent Thunder STX Kydex and Leather Garrett Holsters Photos under the Album named Silent Thunder in Photo Bucket Library Slideshow by MercierPRM Photobucket
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