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very happy new XD9 owner!!

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Hey--great forum you have here, lots of info--reading this forum sold me on this gun, other than shooting it. I have been in the market for a polymer autoloader for the past month or so, after falling in love with shooting I decided to become a firearm owner myself. Tonight I shot the XD9sc--and while I didnt like the grip size, was amazed at the lack of recoil, the crispness of the trigger and the acurracy!!!-especially for a sc range weapon! It was awesome! Sealed the deal for me except I chose the full size service model. I picked up the xd 'lunchbox' pack w/ 3 16rd mags, holster, lock and of course the XD blued finish itself for $485--not sure if that was the absolute BEST deal, but it was the only shop I could find that had an unopened pack, rather than selling me the floor model that everyone and their brother played with. Here are some pics of my recent purchase.

A few questions:
1. Is there a stainless steel barrel I can have put in this gun?
2. Is the guide rod supposed to stick out from the end of the nose (see 3rd pic--apologies on quality)
3. Is winchester white box ammo sufficient for range practice??

Thanks in advance for any responses! This is my first handgun (or any gun) and I am sure I will be asking tons of questions!
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Awesome. I just got my XD-9 today too. 150 rounds over lunch no problems. Quick stop by Wally World and another 150 rounds later, still a great gun. Out of the box everything hits where you point dead on. Im sending mine off to BTC for some work next week. Take care.
good luck to you with your new XD--I have 200rds of WWB waiting to be popped off tomorrow. Does the guide rod below your barrel protrude like mine???

is it normal? does it go away?? ANYONE??
Well it looks like yours sticks out a bit more. Try racking the slide a few times... I dont think it will cause any issues but dont hold me to it.
Your questions:
1. Is there a stainless steel barrel I can have put in this gun?
2. Is the guide rod supposed to stick out from the end of the nose (see 3rd pic--apologies on quality)
3. Is winchester white box ammo sufficient for range practice??

My answers
1. I beleve there is a stainless barrel, you could check the ones on www.pistol-gear.com .
2. Yes the guide rod is suppose to stick out a little, but you might want to check yours to make sure that the guide rod is not comming unscrewed, or the weld is not broke. Yours does look like it sticks out a little more then it should.
3. And if winchester white box ammo works in your gun them it's fine for range practice.

Anything else you need to know feel free to ask.
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welcome and have fun!

Real reason for post: Why was it so hard for SA to figure out that a foam inserted case is much better than the crap i got? :lol:

Oh and by the way (i've been telling everyone this since i figured it out myself) When you take CLOSE UP CAMERA SHOTS use the "Macro" setting on your camera, if you have one...works wonders. :shock:
how to I check to see if its coming unscrewed?? This is really worrying me, when i pulled the slide off, with the spring assembly still attached, it looks fine, but when I reassemble the whole gun it sticks out like that. HELP!!
It looks normal to me.

The reason it sticks out pass the end of the gun, is so that in the extreme case you have your weapon pressed up against something, or someone it doesn't push the slide back(and out of battery) allowing it to still fire.

If you check out the don's guide rod forum I am sure you will find some great info on replacing this part. Don's is stainless and sits flush with front of the gun. Besides the "sexiness" of this piece it is also one solid rod and one spring, allowing you to adjust the weight of the spring and therefore "tune" the recoil of your weapon. This is the first upgrade people usually do , it is realtively cheap and much much easier to clean.
ok...well if you think it looks ok--

I havent even fired it yet and i am afraid its broken--and I dont mind that it protrudes, just as long as it isnt faulty or broken.

The gun was shipped (and stored for who knows how long) with a red piece blocking the chamber and the slide pulled back about 1/4 inch. Might this be the reason it appears to stick out more?? Should the gun be stored with the slide completely closed?

I'm also new to the XD and have read in another thread that this is normal...my XD9 does the same thing, shoots great.

It is time to pimp that stock gun up! :) Congrats on your new XD, it is a beauty.
Shot my XD for the first time this weekend! Put 200 rds of WWB through it with out a hitch. The only problems I had is it was a bitch to load all 16rds into the mags--the spring got really tight for the last few. Also I found it tough to insert a fully loaded 16rd mag into the gun with the slide forward--when I racked the slide I would get a double feed, or the mag would pop itself out the bottom, but if I put took out a few rounds, it was fine.

The XD shot great! It was incredibly accurate right out of the box--all I did was clean it and lube it before the first trip to the range. I was able to manage a pretty small group of 10rnds minus one flier---I know its not amazing or anything, but keep in mind I have no formal training and this was only the 3rd time I have ever shot a semi-auto.
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I've just started shooting guns within the last year and bought a membership to a range. Shot a variety of guns, (H&K, Sig, SA, Beretta, CZ). I have narrowed possible purchase down to either Sig 226 or XD-9. After a trip to shooting supply store I have decided on the XD-9 Tactical 5 in. Just over 3 weeks from the purchase. Looking forward to putting this gun through some serious range time. I figure I will shoot about 200-250 rounds on initial break-in.

I was freaked out by handguns at first. My 16 yr old son encouraged me to take him to the range and I quickly became comfortable shooting. It has given us great bonding time together.

I also inhereted from my Dad an old bolt action 410 and his favorite Browning Auto-5. I am also going to go back and pick up two more rifles he had. 22-LR and another 12ga.

Now that the kids are grown up, my wife has given her blessing on my future purchase and said as long as it is kept locked up in the house, she is fine with it. She also claims to be freaked out by guns. I told her to give it a chance and I will take her to the range and get her to shoot sometime soon.

This is a great source of information. Nice board and I look forward to reading more. This is only the second message board I've taken an interest in. Other was F150-Online for Ford trucks.

Shoot safely :p
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Welcome to the forum Ray. See there, us Old Dogs can still learn new things. Sometimes the kids do get it right! You will enjoy the XD.
Happy shooting.
WRXD, go to your local gunshop or go to www.pistol-gear.com and buy the super-thumb. It helps immensly with loading those new mags. When I first got my XD-40, I couldn't fully load a mag due to the springs. I got the super-thumb and haven't had a problem yet.
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