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Have you looked at Crimson Trace?
That would be my first choice. You can use a regular holster with most of their models. If you choose a different laser of theirs, they are now making specific holsters on their web site, by major leather & Kydex manufacturers.

Don't know if Lasermax makes a Ruger laser. I'm not a fan because you cannot put on another recoil spring if you may need to, but a lot of members still like them. They don't need a spevific holster either as the laser is internal.

I also like the rail mounted Lasermax Uni-Max in green or even the red laser.

Sights by XS Big Dot, Meprolights, Trijicons, Dawson Precision fiber optic, TruGlo are all fine choices if they make a Ruger model.

Your biggest problem is you have an older Ruger. It's not as popular as other LE brands, so finding holsters and lasers is a lot more difficult. If you had a Glock, Sig, beretta, XD, you would have soooo many more options like 31 Flavors

Good luck
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