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Hello all. First post, first pistol (always shot friends pistols), new XD45 Tac owner. A few questions...

-I am wondering if any of this personal custom work that I have seen many people posting about voids the warranty of SA firearms (I assume that using the SA Custom Shop does not).

-Has anyone here used the Springfield Custom Shop before, if so... what have you had done/how did it change the feel of shooting your gun?

-Some things that I am looking at having done through SA is:
-Comp trigger job
-Extended mag release
-Springfield Custom match barrel

Can anyone speak to their experiences with this work on their guns? I am particularly interested in differences between the Springfield Custom match barrel and the Bar-Sto match barrel as well as personal experiences between the competition trigger job and the combat action job. I know I could do it cheaper buying the parts and doing it myself, but I am a person that puts a lot of stock in manufacturers warranties. I plan on keeping this gun for the rest of my life, and I don't want SA coming back on me 15 years from now saying that the trigger job I did voided my warranty. Thanks all!

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