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I've been reading up on US cleaners, for brass and gun cleaning, and have been thinking about getting one.

My only real concern is making sure that I get all of the water out of the gun after cleaning.

I've read where many blow it out with compressed air, but have concerns about getting all of the water out of the firing pin channel & other enclosed places.

I've read where some dump the cleaning solution from the cleaner, and then put the gun through a lubrication cycle in the US cleaner - what would you use? A gallon of CLP?

One (probably bad) thought came to mind of spraying WD-40 to displace the water, then lubricate normally.

What do you think?

Also, for brass, what's the best way to dry it? air dry, compressed air, heat gun, hair dryer, munchkins with q-tips?

Thanks for your thoughts.
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