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I have used Truglo TFOs on my XD9 Service model and was really happy with it. I have nothing bad to say up to this day.

I have used Truglo's Tru-Brite open red dot sight on my AR-15. I have mixed reviews on this model.

A less expensive alternative for an entry level sight
Good/ sturdy overall design
Clear red/ green dot image even in bright environment (glare free image)
Stable base and holds up pretty well with repeated use

The red/ green dot is a little fuzzy. It has irregular borders and the dot is not as well defined compared with Eotech.
I strongly recommend before you even purchase one is to check it out if it's available at your local gun store. If it is... try to open the battery cover on the side and you fill find it very difficult to do so. Mine didn't open quite easily. My local gunsmith has to use a special tool just to open the battery cover which led to scratches on the surface of my sights.

Bottom line... I wouldn't recommend it. If you want something more functional and has a higher quality but not as pricey as Eotech. Check out Burris Fastfire

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